Over the last decade, SINAR PUNCAK has taken the lead in selling of roller chain products. SINAR PUNCAK reowned famous brands RKM and SSS in motorcycle chains, bicycle chains and various other industrial chains. The RKM and SSS roller chains are not only marketed at Malaysian market, but over the world.

SINAR PUNCAK main aim wasn't only to market all products with the most affordable prices but make sure all products produced with highest quality by using the most comprehensive technology.

The RKM and SSS motorcycle chains come in three different types; the standard motorcycle roller chain, the heavy duty motorcycle roller chain, the racing motorcycle roller chain and the color motorcycle roller chain.

The Malaysia Book of Record achievement!

BUKIT MERTAJAM 18 SEP 2011, Congratulation to RK-M and GMW because they have achieve a great achievement by making "THE LONGEST DISTANCE MOTORCYCLE RIDE BY A GROUP" record and have being certified by "THE MALASYIA BOOK of RECORD".

Genuine Club Konvoi Sepang 2008

In conjunction Sepang Cubprix final round of year 2008, Kilang Rantai and Genuine Club held a convoy located at the Sepang circuit in December 2008.